About the Company

My Little Climbing Room is designed to reignite the inherent climbing spirit in every child, creating a safe, welcoming environment where kids can rediscover their natural climbing abilities. Purposefully crafted with low, padded walls and varied surfaces, the space encourages play, development, and joy. Dedicated to parents’ comfort, it provides a fully air-conditioned, easily supervised area, allowing them to relax while children explore. Co-founded by experienced climber Winson, it’s a blend of climbing expertise and a passion for fostering children’s love for climbing, creating an ideal haven for family fun and shared moments.

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Catered for Children: Tailored climbing playground designed specifically for children, featuring walls and activities that cater to their height, reach, and skill level.
Building Confidence: Helps children build confidence by overcoming challenges and fear, promoting a positive, empowering environment.
Physical Development: Offers a total body workout, enhancing core strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility, contributing to children's physical development.
Safety Measures: Prioritizes safety with European standard equipment and multiple safety measures in place, ensuring a secure environment for kids.
Diverse Climbing Experiences: Varied walls and zones, including a high wall, hangout zone, wheelie zone, number wall, augmented reality wall, and obstacle wall, offering a diverse climbing experience for children of different ages and preferences.

Price starts from S$33