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Established in 2016, our mission is to provide utmost confinement care services to postpartum mummy and new-born baby. Our services include: Stay-In Confinement Apartment Package, Home Confinement Nanny Services, Confinement Herbal Packages, Post Natal Massage and Lactation service. Our joint company Work Link International Pte Ltd (MOM Lic No. 18C9472) provides Home Confinement Nanny Service. All of our confinement nannies are professionally trained, and are guaranteed: • 3 to 10 years experiences • All are professional trained • Medical check-up ensuring medically fit • All with legal work pass.

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Services: Confinement Centre, Nanny to Home Service, Confinement Herbals, Postpartum Rehabilitation Programs
The modern hotel-style confinement centre is located under the Bukit Timah Hill, surrounded by the lush greeneries and bright flowers, and away from city’s hustle and bustle
One room assigned one professional nanny
The Package provides you the services starting from confinement month to postpartum rehabilitation
Room Amenities and Facilities include: Indoor Gym, Conference Room, Outdoor Jacuzzi, Private Workstations, Outdoor kids Pool, Carpark, Tennis Court, 24 hrs CCTV surveillance 24, Kids Playground, Wireless Broadband internet connection, among others

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