About the Company

WaterRower Ltd. has been in Germany since 1994. In 2005 the NOHRD manufacturing facility emerged at our headquarters in Nordhorn, Lower Saxony, designing and producing high-quality fitness equipment out of wood. Alongside the well-established WaterRower machine (made in the US), the new WaterWorkx was successfully introduced to the market. Further NOHRD products soon followed: WeightWorkx, WallBars, SwingBells and the WaterGrinder. In 2013 the SlimBeam was presented to the fitness industry, promptly receiving the German PlusX Award for High Quality and Design!
The label NOHRD perseveres in standing for high quality, design and sustainability, with our constant focus on selection of natural and sustainably managed materials.

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Lines of products: Waterrower, Nohrd Cardio, Nohrd Strength, and Nohrd Wellness machines/equipment.
At NOHRD we manufacture with solid wood exclusively selected from sustainably managed forests in the USA and Germany.
All leather used is genuine and hand-worked, originating exclusively in Germany.
Maintenance-free machines despite handcrafted from natural materials.

Price starts from S$1288-18800