About the Company

Welcome to a space that is created just for you.

Ohm studio is a part of Aurora Studio (which runs Aurora Rhythmic and Power Rides and Aurora Academy). Our classes are crafted to suit every moving body. Pilates matwork are functional-styled classes where strength, mobility and spinal health remain the pillars of each session. Our Yoga classes range from invigorating flow classes, Inspirational themed ones to introspective and mindful sessions for you to decide what serves you. Inspirational, Invigorating or Introspective. You decide. There’s a space for everyone. Every day.

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Special deals for students
Shower facilities and towels are available
We provide high-quality dense mats and props that will support you in your practice
Nestled in a beautiful historical building, Ohm studio offers you a lush haven of earthly tones
Our repertoire of classes include functionally-styled Pilates matwork classes to Yoga classes that range from invigorating flow classes to introspective ones

Price starts from SGD220