About the Company

Established in 2005, ONLY Aesthetics was founded to rise above the inadequacy of the then-newly saturated market of medical aesthetics.
The co-founders believed in the calling to reach out to clients who wanted to better themselves, without short-changing them.
The brand prides itself on its state-of-the-art technology and exceptional results that have allowed them to be a multi-award winning company.

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Offers a wide range of facial treatments for any skin conditions, including: Onlift®, Onlipulse®, Onlibaby®, Onlifreez®, Onliglass®, Onliplasma®, Onlifascia®, Acnexel®, Onliclear®, Onlidissolve® Double Chin, Onlyskin Apothecary® Whitening, to name a few.
FDA approved medical aesthetics treatments based on latest technologies at affordable prices.
Offers the world’s first and only post-aesthetic treatment care series which enhances post treatment results and significantly reduce downtime.
Provides facial treatments For Skin Rejuvenation, For Clearer Skin / Depressed Scarring / Uneven Skin / Wrinkles / Acne.
Enjoy exclusive deals and other perks by signing up for their membership programme.
Enjoy curated aesthetics treatments in the comfort of your home.

Price starts from S$798

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