About the Company

Part Time Maid, Part Time Cleaner is dedicated to providing top-quality part-time maid and cleaner services, recognizing the significance of a clean and healthy home for our clients and their families. With a focus on quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, we strive to ensure that every home we clean is maintained to the highest standards, creating a comfortable and hygienic living environment for our valued customers.

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Professional Team: Highly trained and dedicated cleaners ensure top-notch cleaning services.
Full Range of Services: Offers a comprehensive range of cleaning services for homes and offices.
Flexible Scheduling: Works according to clients' schedules, offering daily or weekly cleaning as per their needs.
Transparent Pricing: No hidden charges, transparent quotes, and competitive pricing.
Satisfaction Guarantee: Ensures 100% customer satisfaction with guaranteed quality work.
Efficient Booking: Easy and efficient booking process with no upfront charges required.

Price starts from S$189-473 per 4 hours