About the Company

Paw Favor is pronounced like the latin phrase “Por Favor”, which means “please”. We hope Paw Favor inspires and help more pawrents to give their pawkids more favors by feeding them healthy meals and snacks, sending them to good dog boarding and daycare services, and gifting them good products. So here we are serving meals, offering boarding and curating gifts!

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Pick-Up and Drop-Off services (optional)
Basic Shower for more than 7 days boarding (optional)
Tasty, nutritious, balanced, and healthy human grade meals and snacks for your furry companion
Services: Paw Favor Boarding & Daycare Services, Paw Favor Gifts Curation Services, Paw Favor Meals, Paw Favor Snacks
How the hotel's like: a big apartment with a spacious outdoor sheltered patio and access to a themed garden within a condominium

Price starts from SGD50-60