About the Company

Pawrus® Animal Behaviour Clinic was established to provide a full-spectrum approach towards behaviour issues and address the root causes of issues afflicting animals and the people who care for them with positive, scientific and evidence-based solutions.

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Pawrus® Animal Behaviour Clinic: Specialized in positive, scientific, and evidence-based methods for managing and rehabilitating animal behavior.
Full-spectrum approach: Addressing root causes of behavior issues with customized, evidence-based solutions.
Only clinic in Singapore with AB-in-Training and VB-in-Training professionals: Dr. Daphne Ang (ACVB Resident) and Kevin Yeo (CAB Candidate).
Collaborative approach: Referring cases requiring psychopharmacology to veterinarians with special interests in behavior medicine, residents of clinical behavior medicine, and veterinary behaviorists.
Focus on confidence: We prioritize building confidence in dogs and their owners through knowledge and skill development, resulting in independent, happy, and stable dogs and fulfilled, loving dog parents.
Unique approach: We emphasize consistent communication, trust, and collaboration between dogs and humans, fostering a strong and lasting dog-human bond.
Comprehensive training: Our academy offers a range of courses and extensive practice in various real-world scenarios to ensure dogs and their owners are well-prepared in different situations.

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