About the Company

Pet Loft is a professional pet care company with a team of dedicated and experienced animal lovers. Their mission is to provide a high standard of personalised services that benefit both pets and their owners. Pet Loft offers a range of services including pet grooming, dog spa treatments, day care, and pet photography sessions. They also provide advice on proper pet care, emphasising the importance of education in fostering a strong owner/pet relationship. The team at Pet Loft includes skilled pet stylists who ensure that every grooming session is a pleasant and comfortable experience for pets. They also offer doggy day care, which not only takes pressure off busy owners but also allows pets to socialise with other pets and people. Overall, Pet Loft is committed to delivering quality pet care in a cosy, welcoming environment.

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High standard of personalised services for pets and their owners
Emphasis on education and proper pet care advice
Services: Grooming, Day Care, Pet Photography, Spa Treatments

Price upon consultation