About the Company

PetBacker is a top multi-national pet company with a presence in 50 countries for pet lovers to share their love for pets and to hire trusted Pet Sitters with millions of nights stayed. Pet stays via PetBacker are protected by insurance with a world class support team at your side.

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Royalty Rewards: Each Spend is entitled for Discount credits on PetBacker
Services: Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding, Pet Grooming, Dog Walking, Pet Taxi, Pet Sitting
With the PetBacker app, get a Pet Grooming Report Card from your pet groomer that includes: Before & after photos, Product used and a personalized note
Reservation Guarantee: If your Pet Sitter, Walker or Groomer has to cancel at the last minute, we’ll work with you to find a new one
A normal complete Dog Grooming Services in 10 steps: Thorough combing and/or brushing; Cutting and Filing of the nails ('Pet-a-cure'); Plucking and/or cleaning of ears; Emptying the anal glands; Bathing with a non-allergenic shampoo; Thorough rinsing (Insecticidal, Skunk-Off or medicated shampoo available on request) or own shampoo; Conditioner bath and thorough rinsing; Fluff-dry; Shave and/or styling cut; Light perfumed coat conditioner and/or oil for the smooth coated dog
Secure Payment: Escrow Payment & Refundable before job starts. Pay safely and securely on PetBacker—no tips necessary

Price starts from SGD40