About the Company

Pets Gantry is a pet store that specializes in small animals such as hamsters, rabbits, and chinchillas. Established in April 2006, the owner is an expert in handling these adorable critters and is passionate about providing guidance to potential pet owners. In addition to a variety of products, Pets Gantry also offers grooming services to help your pet look and feel their best. Visit us today to find everything you need for your furry friend!

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Specialization: Pets Gantry specializes in small animals like hamsters, rabbits, and chinchillas
Our Services: Professional pet gooming service is offered at Pets Gantry; Wide range of pet supplies and products; Pre-arrangement includes delivery & pet taxi and sale of small pets
Guidance: If you're looking to own a small animal but don't know where to start, Pets Gantry can guide you every step of the way. Their expertise means they can advise on the best type of animal to suit your lifestyle, as well as provide tips on how to care for your new pet

Price starts from SGD8-488