About the Company

Established in 2005, Pink Parlour entered the grooming scene in Singapore as the rebellious counterpart of day spas in a hip and groovy setting amidst party establishments along Mohammad Sultan. Dominating the waxing and grooming scene in no time, Pink Parlour set itself apart from the competition – having pioneered premium service such as top-of-the-line Brazilian wax treatments, its distinct specialty in male waxing and spray tanning offerings in Southeast Asia. Famed for its hair removal solution, Pink Parlour was the first to introduce the use of gloves, no double dips and anti-bacteria fumigation – setting industry standards experienced across the island today. Professional waxing techniques and procedures were also introduced to reduce discomfort while waxing and being time efficient for busy clients.

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Offers Alpha Light Permanent Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal treatments
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