About the Company

Born from a mother and father’s love for their children, Piyo Piyo’s products have always been developed with little ones in mind. It was when our founders Annie & William discovered the lack of safe and functional baby products within the marketplace for their children that they decided to create their own line in Taiwan. Because our founders are parents working for parents, they know all too well that parenting has its ups and downs. With quality, safety, functionality and appeal at our core, we make it our duty to produce merchandise that is not only BPA and Phthalate free but also environmentally friendly and durable. All Piyo Piyo products have been researched and developed extensively by our team of designers and engineers.

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BPA and Phthalate free as well as environmentally friendly and durable
Products: pacifiers, baby cutlery and weaning sets, bottles, etc.
Glow in the dark pacifiers
Soft material gentle to your baby's mounth

Price starts from S$6-50