About the Company

Postnatal Massage Singapore provides home-based therapeutic prenatal and post natal massage Singapore services for to-be or new mothers. Our team comprises certified and professionally-trained massage therapists who are knowledgeable and skilled to perform the aforementioned massages. Our prenatal massage therapy is done on pregnant mothers to relieve common discomforts like water retention and pregnancy cramps, giving them a smoother pregnancy journey. For postnatal mothers, we treat issues like breastfeeding difficulty and engorgement with aims to speed up their childbirth recovery. Also included in our postnatal massage package is a free newborn massage tutorial and tips that new mothers can perform at suitable times on their babies.

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Services: Prenatal and postnatal massage, premium postnatal massage, slimming and relaxation massage
Based on the selected package, customers enjoy freebies upon sign-up, including Free 6 Months Baby Protection Coverage, Free Beansprout Husk Baby Pillow Worth $32, $50 OFF Newborn Photoshoot Package, 20% Voucher Swimming Class, $50 worth Hand or Foot Casting for Baby Aged 3 months and under, Up To 20% OFF Baby Full Month Package, and many more
Local Singaporean Malay and Chinese therapists with WSQ certification in conducting massage
The first session of your Prenatal Massage Package, Postnatal Massage Package and Premium Massage Package is considered a trial session

Price starts from S$118-1588