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PUMA has the long-term mission of being the fastest sports brand in the world. Through our endless pursuit to push sport forward, we are #ForeverFaster. Not fast. Faster. Faster is more determined. It trusts its instincts, not the rules. It’s brave. It’s confident. Faster reminds the world what it means to play. Then wins it all, breaks records, breaks them again, and takes a victory lap.

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Versatile Styles: Puma offers a diverse range of casual shoe styles, including sneakers, loafers, slip-ons, and high-tops, catering to various preferences.
Innovative Materials: These shoes often incorporate innovative materials such as mesh, knits, and synthetic fabrics, providing breathability and flexibility.
Designed with smart technologies, PUMA men’s shoes give you a performance boost with comfortable cushioning technology that provides your feet a supportive fit.
Athletic-Inspired: Puma's heritage as a sports brand is reflected in its casual shoe designs, featuring athletic elements and influences.
Vibrant Colorways: Puma offers a wide range of color choices, from classic neutrals to bold and vibrant hues, allowing men to express their style.
Traction Outsoles: Puma's casual shoes often come with durable rubber outsoles that provide traction and grip on various surfaces.

Price starts from SGD35-389

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