About the Company

Purbasari is an Indonesian beauty brand that was founded in 1993, with the main product Lulur Mandi which has now become a market leader and is trusted as a quality body scrub. Purbasari then expanded its wings to the decorative makeup division, giving birth to quality makeup collections at affordable prices. In 2015, innovation and development in the decorative field increasingly gave birth to superior products such as Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte which stole the attention of the market. Uniting Indonesia’s beauty cultural heritage with modern technology and also the latest beauty trends, Purbasari continues to strive to create products that can support every individual Indonesian woman to develop their own meaning of beauty. Purbasari continues to innovate to provide the best for consumers, Purbasari issued a series of Antibacterial Series products as a form of attention for Indonesian families to always be awake & avoid germs or viruses that cause disease, especially during this pandemic. Of course, the series of products have gone through tests & can be sure that they can still provide skin moisture when used.

GoCompare view on Purbasari

pH of 3.5
Halal certified
Dermatologically tested
Reduces vaginal discharge, itching, and excess mucus in the feminine area
Offers feminine wash alongside other bodycare products, including body scrub, soap, body lotion, etc
Deo actively Tego has the advantage of reducing the odor in the area of femininity, especially during the coming month

Price starts from SGD2-6