About the Company

Started as a 2-man business in 2016, Pure Water is now a trusted pipe-in water dispenser specialist providing high quality water purifier dispenser products and services for SME, listed companies, government-linked businesses and agencies. Our goal is to make purified water accessible to all by providing high quality direct pipe-in water dispenser and filtration products and services. We do so by assembling the finest team of professionals to assist you in choosing the right water filtration system, providing professional consultation and reliable aftersales service.

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All water dispensers are made in Korea by trusted manufacturers and they have been tested for and certified by TÜV SÜD PSB, SGS, bizSAFE3 and Korea testing bodies
Carries products with groundbreaking features, including Tankless Water and Smart Water Purifier with Bluetooth Speaker
Also carries air purifier and essential everyday household products

Price starts from S$99-1699

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