About the Company

In the hustle and bustle of our island city, an effective workout can set a good day apart from a bad one. R10T is Singapore’s latest multi-modal boutique gym. At R10T, you get any workout desired, when you want it, in one location under one membership, with zero excuses. The group fitness studios, HYBR1D, R1DE, REV1VE & D1VE, offer sessions for HIIT, spin, yoga and swimming hosted by the island’s most revered instructors, with signature workouts only available at R10T.

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We provide corporate packages
Gym equipments: Treads, Rowers, Bike Erg, Cables, Adjustable Dumbbells
We provide private classes outside of our scheduled timings
We provide full bathroom amenities for your convenience, so you can freshen up and head out, or back to work after your workout. We are stocked with a full range of hair, body and facial products from Kiehls
The H1BRYD classes consist of Functional Bodybuilding, Compound Anabolic Strength, Vo2 Max Submaximal Monostructural, Strength Cardio Conditioning, Team Based HIIt Focused Competitive

Price upon consultation