About the Company

As parents ourselves, we are inspired by our children. We learn and grow together with them. We want to provide also a safe environment that they can grow up to. At Raab Family we understand these concerns thus we design and manufacture products leaning towards these beliefs. Our products are all made of non-toxic materials. We want to ensure that our customers receive products that are quality checked and safe for their loved ones. We hope you would love the range of products that are specially designed and handpicked for you. We at RaaB Family feel inspired and energized by creating products that allow you to have a peace of mind to experience it with your family!

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Crafted with non-toxic Food Grade HDPE material, BPA-Free and Odor-Free
Meets Europe and UK standard
Use thicken bed board
Load capacity up to 24 kgs
Smooth rounded design

Price starts from S$229

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