About the Company

At Bunnify, we provide professional rabbit boarding and grooming service for your furbabies. With a cozy, fun and rabbit friendly setup, we assure all your babies will love this place. What’s more, rabbit owners can even log in to view their bunnies thru our CCTV cameras 24/7! That is the most important thing as we are bunny parents too!

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Services: rabbit boarding, rabbit grooming
Daily change of hay, pellets and fresh distilled water
Daily serving of vegetables mainly consist of basics like xiao bai cai, chye sim, you mai cai
24/7 air-conditioned room - 24/7 CCTV monitoring + Daily boarding pictures and videos of your bunny
Daily change of litterbox and area cleaning. Bunny areas and play areas will be cleaned and sanitized by non toxic veterinary grade disinfectant F10

Price starts from SGD21-25