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Our workouts are designed to be scaled to your specific needs and abilities
Enjoy tasty discounts and exclusive privileges at some of our favourite local businesses
Enjoy a personalised experience with one of our friendly coaches on your first visit
Get free unlimited access to Ritual FIT, our highly-rated home workout app (no equipment required)
Every day there’s a new era-spanning playlist curated by music industry professionals, designed to build in intensity with the workout
We've got three levels of progression (plus a beginner board), so whether you're a high-level athlete or stepping into a gym for the first time, we've got you covered
Our 20-minute sessions are a lung-busting mix of strength training and cardio that will build muscle, burn fat and keep you coming back for more. - Small class size: 10 people per session
The workouts vary daily in terms of the work-to-rest ratios, the order in which exercises are performed, and the overall intensity required

Price starts from SGD242