About the Company

Roborock, established in July 2014 and headquartered in Beijing, specializes in the research, development, and production of robotic home cleaners and other cleaning appliances. With R&D and branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, Roborock’s team of engineers, designers, scientists, and manufacturing experts collaborate closely to create innovative products that address various household problems. The company’s values of positivity, integrity, exploration, and cooperation guide their mission to develop functional and durable products, leveraging cutting-edge technology to make life more comfortable. Roborock has achieved significant milestones in the home robotics industry, including the launch of bestselling products like the Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and the Roborock S7. Continuing its commitment to innovation, Roborock aims to redefine home cleaning with its intelligent robot vacuum cleaners and mops, enhancing efficiency and convenience for users worldwide.

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Motorized Mini Brush: Designed for dust mite removal, protecting your skin and ensuring thorough cleaning.
2-in-1 Cleaning Head: Reaches tight spaces and handles all floor types effectively.
Multi-Surface Brush: Handles different floor surfaces with ease, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.
Dual Rollers: Provide deep cleaning action for removing dirt and debris from carpets and floors.
17,000Pa Suction Power: Offers strong suction for effective dirt and dust removal.
Smart Sensors: Adjust power and navigate obstacles intelligently for efficient cleaning.
Built-in Detergent Tank: Ensures efficient cleaning by adding cleaning liquid as needed.
Self-Cleaning Capabilities: Automatically cleans roller brushes and pipelines for maintenance.
Hot Air Drying: Offers hot air drying capability for quicker drying of cleaned areas.
App Control and Voice Prompts: Allows for easy control via a mobile app and provides voice alerts for status updates.
Various Cleaning Modes: Offers multiple cleaning modes such as auto, eco, max, and floor drying for customized cleaning experiences.

Price starts from S$999-1999