About the Company

We are specialized in Wallpaper and Wall Murals for Residential home as well as commercial. We offer various services in line with Home Decor besides wallpaper & wall murals, we also supply Persian Carpets, Turkish Lamps, Blinds and Curtains. With an increasing number of contemporary designs along with traditional patterns, we have now a wide choice of embellishing designs that can be fitted with modern surroundings as much as accompanying with the borders and friezes from Korea, UK and Japan.

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Special promotions available
All wallpapers are washable
Antimicrobial Protection
Safe and non-toxic materials
Matte and non-reflective finishes
Wallpapers are fire rated in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2
All wallpapers are customized according to the dimensions of your wall
In-Home Shopping: Sales Representatives will be sent to your place for a complimentary viewing of wallpaper collections and quotations will be given under no obligations

Price starts from S$95-115

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