About the Company

Senica Productions, established in 2015 by Sebastian and Monica, specializes in photography and videography, capturing timeless moments with creativity and precision. With a dedicated team known for their warmth and technical expertise, Senica offers comprehensive services that ensure each client’s vision is beautifully realized, from weddings to corporate events.

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Passionate Creativity: Senica Productions brings boldness and heartfelt dedication to every project, crafting stories with passion and soul.
Comprehensive Services: Specializing in pre-wedding and wedding photography and videography, capturing intimate bonds with sensitivity and artistry.
Senica Productions adopts joyful and natural tones with an occasional play of light if the sun permits.
Memorable Keepsakes: Offering high-quality photobooth services for instant, cherished wedding mementos.
Innovative Livestreaming: Providing top-notch livestreaming to enable remote participation in your special day.
Award-Winning Excellence: Recognized for delivering enthralling imagery that preserves the strength of precious moments over time.

Price starts from S$350-2800

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