About the Company

SG Pets was born out of the love we have for our pets. We believe in giving back the unconditional love that our pet friends have for us by committing to give them the very best. We carefully curate all our products to ensure they meet our own requirements to feed our pets before we offer them to yours. We believe that wholesome, minimally processed and nutrient rich foods would go a long way to ensure optimal health and longevity for your pets and prevent health issues when they reach maturity. Authorized sole distributors of many award winning brands, we will continue in our life’s mission to source for products that can enhance and prolong the health and lives of our furry family members and make their time with us more meaningful.

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Also provides pet owners with vegan pet supplies
Free Shipping for orders above $100.00 in Singapore
Only curates the best products from reputable brands and provides only minimally processed and nutrient rich foods for your furkids
At our store, we offer a wide range of products catered to dogs and cats, including grooming supplies, accessories, healthcare products, litter, and sanitization supplies to ensure that your furry friends are well-cared for and happy

Price starts from SGD9-53