About the Company

SharkNinja Operating LLC, led by Founder Mark Rosenzweig, is a renowned pioneer in small household appliances and cleaning solutions worldwide. The company’s innovative products, including cutting-edge vacuums and blender systems, are known for their functionality, ease of use, and competitive pricing. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, SharkNinja has become a leader in the housewares industry, offering a wide range of products that positively impact people’s daily lives. Based in Needham, Massachusetts, SharkNinja’s offerings are widely available through major retailers and online platforms, making them accessible to customers globally.

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Smart IQ PRO Technology: Utilizes 4 smart sensors that detect and react to messes in your home, including Dirt Detect, Floor Detect, Edge Detect, and Light Detect for efficient cleaning.
Auto-Empty System: Automatically charges and empties the vacuum after each use (applicable to IQ+ model).
Deep Cleaning Features: Boosts power on hidden dirt, doubles suction on edges and corners, and optimizes cleaning based on surface type.
Next Gen TurboDrive Motor: Provides powerful suction for effective cleaning performance.
HYBRIDCLEAN Multi-Surface Brushroll: Combines two brushroll technologies into one for all surfaces and debris types.
Anti-Hair Wrap Brushroll: Actively removes hair from the brushroll to prevent tangles and maintain performance.
Multi-Flex Wand: Flexes to reach under low furniture for thorough cleaning.
True HEPA Filtration: Captures 99.9% of dust and allergens, keeping the air clean and hygienic.
Long Battery Life: Provides up to 42 minutes of runtime (measured in Eco mode) for extended cleaning sessions.
Easy Maintenance: Removable components like brushroll, dust cup, and filter can be washed with water for convenience.

Price starts from S$258-899