About the Company

Sheens Image Consulting, based in Singapore, is led by founder and principal consultant Shireena Shroff Manchharam, a certified Image Consultant trained under renowned experts. With a global perspective and diverse background, Shireena combines her recruitment skills and passion for helping people to provide expert image consultancy services. She is also the creator of Getting To Happy™, a movement promoting happiness through science-based activities. She works with individuals from various industries, offering insights on personal branding, image management, and professional presence, including collaborations with institutions like Royal Bank of Scotland, BNP Paribas, and OCBC Bank.

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Maximize Individual Style: Stand out, get promotions, ace interviews – our services enhance and empower your image.
Personal Style Consultation: Flatter your body shape, get style tips, and camouflage challenge areas.
Wardrobe Management: Evaluate, alter, discard, and complete your essential wardrobe with expert guidance.
Customized Color Consultation: Boost confidence and positivity with a personalized color palette.
Personal Shopping Assistant: Find clothes that match your style and body shape with our guidance.
Makeup Consultation: Learn basic makeup application and skincare tailored to your facial features.
Hair Consultation: Discover the best hairstyle and color with input from our designated hairstylist.
Comprehensive Coaching: Cover essential topics for self-improvement, including networking, communication, etiquette, and more.

Price upon consultation