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Established in 2008 as a business entity, Signature Image Academy International, was later incorporated as a company in 2010. Starting as a training organisation offering courses and certification in image, makeup, etiquette and communication, the Academy has evolved throughout the years to include more and other genres of training topics and contents. Till now, the types of trainings that Signature Image Academy International conduct can be categorised into two main skills: Personal Branding Skills and Personal Effective Skills.

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Signature Image Academy offers a comprehensive range of professional image, business etiquette, personal branding, and leadership development courses and services, empowering individuals and organizations to excel in various aspects of personal and professional growth.
Highly personalized one-on-one Personal Consultation Series with Celebrity Coach Joshua Luke
In-depth analysis and advice on enhancing personal branding and image
Individual Colour Analysis, Face Shape Analysis, and Body Shape Analysis for personalized wardrobe management
Experienced trainers and consultants with a wealth of knowledge in the image consulting industry
Take-home set of palettes in Four Seasons Colour, Colour-Focus Strength, Face Shape in Hairstyling, and Body Shape Analysis

Price starts from S$399

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