About the Company

Having rich experiences in bespoke furniture and cabinets, Singapore Carpentry is able to produce products that are at once timeless and impressive. Singapore Carpentry uses a “design-and-build” concept; our experienced designers will work hand-in-hand with you to design entities precisely tailored to your requirements for multi-facetted living, meeting our modern days living needs. Bearing in mind our mission of providing quality carpentry at affordable price, we seek to retain the maximum values to our esteemed customers.

GoCompare view on Singapore Carpentry

Specialises in making unique, hand-crafted furniture
Offers carpentry, interior design as well as design and build services
Offers custom-made furniture service
In the rare event that delivery or installation of work is delayed over 7 working days, we will gladly refund you 3 percent of the total contract value

Price starts from S$2118