About the Company

Singapore Sidecars is the world’s first vintage Vespa sidecar tour, offering an unparalleled and intimate experience of Singapore’s sights, sounds, and flavors. With a fleet of hand-restored vintage Vespa sidecars, they take you off the beaten track to explore the city in a unique way. From their acclaimed Tiong Bahru & Tanglin tour, which holds two Book of Records entries and features exclusive UNESCO World Heritage content, to their Night Rides with Makan (eats) and Drinks, and various other tour options, Singapore Sidecars provides a close-up and authentic encounter with the real Singapore. They offer the perfect blend of speed, covering more sights in less time, and the opportunity to engage with locals and experience the city’s vibrant culture firsthand. Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board and Triquetra.sg, Singapore Sidecars offers a truly distinctive perspective on Singapore’s heritage and attractions.

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Pet-Friendly Tours: Explore Singapore's attractions with your pet by your side for free.
Comfortable and Secure Rides: Vintage Vespa sidecars ensure a cozy and safe journey for pets.
Personalized Attention: Tailored experiences to meet the needs of pet owners and their furry companions.
Pet-Friendly Destinations: Visit parks and open spaces where pets can enjoy and stretch their legs.

Price starts from S$198