About the Company

Skin pple believes that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to fall in love with themselves, starting from their skin. Our range of services and products are scientifically-formulated to deliver more than just skin goodness but also a dose of happiness to infuse your life with magic through your senses. Follow your bliss, we’ll show you how.

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Uses the latest aesthetic innovations of light, ultrasound and radiofrequency.
Offers value packages and enjoy beauty credits upon certain transactions.
The therapeutic facials are 60-minutes facials (except for Espresso 30 minutes) designed for our busy, on-the-go clients.
Experiential facials: Playing skin whisperer with the firming, sculpting therapies we’ve pioneered, along with new cutting-edge technologies, these facials combine an interplay of visual and auditory stimuli to activate all senses in a holistic narrative.

Price starts from S$129-324

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