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At SleepKraft, we want to help families sleep better, in whichever ways that work best for their family dynamics. SleepKraft believes every family and their baby’s sleep needs are unique that is why we go above and beyond cookie cutter solutions or fixed templates.

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SleepKraft zooms in with holistic and proven methods that are based on key 6 Foundations of a family’s life, such as the Physical, Developmental, Social, Environmental, Emotional Well-being and Integration aspects.
Packages: Infant/Toddler Package (15 wks-24 months), Maternity Package, Newborn Package (0 – 14 weeks), Preschooler Package (2 – 6 years old)
Customised & comprehensive Sleep Plan
Free 15-Min Consult
Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant

Price starts from S$220-980

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