About the Company

Lucas Bong is a Professional AVS Accredited Scheduled Dogs Trainer, Canine Behaviorist, Freestyle Discdog player, Dog agility coach, Agility dog competitor and a All level International Agility Judge. Owner of Smartdoggy Academy.

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Smartdoggy programs help owners understand and learn canine psychology, behavior issues, body language, training communication, and effective management of various behavioral issues.
Our Smartdoggy Agility Racing Team (SARTs) has won many competitions.
The Smartdoggy training approach focuses on engaging dogs' minds, promoting self-control and balanced behaviors through positive reinforcement, while also educating owners on their responsibilities for the well-being of their pets.
Smartdoggy offers behavior improvement and rehoming programs, dog sports programs, puppy development programs, and AVS scheduled dog training with certification.

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