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SOG – HM Liew Skin & Laser Clinic is founded by Dermatologist and Skin Specialist Dr. Liew Hui Min. A fully accredited Specialist Consultant in Dermatology with the Ministry of Health in Singapore and the General Medical Council (UK), she has a special focus on children (paediatric) and women’s dermatology, genital dermatology, in addition to general medical adult dermatology. Dr. Liew helped to develop new services in paediatric and women’s dermatology (in particular obstetric and vulva dermatology) at KKH. She also helped to set up multidisciplinary clinics such as chronic eczema and psychodermatology clinic for children. She is able to converse fluently in English, Bahasa, and Chinese (Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese dialects).

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Utilizes the Diode laser with effective and good safety profile
Clinics equipped with modern and updated dermatology equipment
Fully Accredited Specialist: Dr Liew Hui Min is dually accredited with the Ministry of Health and the General Medical Council (UK) as a dermatologist

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