About the Company

Soulslings is India’s biggest, best and most-loved babywearing brand.
Our award-winning handcrafted baby carriers and ring slings are ergonomic comfortable, internationally safety-tested, stylish, and suitable for newborns, infants and toddlers. We love the Earth and try to reduce our fabric waste, so our accessories are made by upcycling the pure and baby-safe natural cotton and linen we use for our carriers.
As a Bangalore-based, women-led organisation, we care for our planet and our community by making sustainable and eco-friendly choices, following ethical business practices, and supporting local workers, weavers, and women..

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100% natural fibres - breathable, and ideal for all climates
0-4 years (3-20kg)
Machine Washable
ASTM certified safe
Fully Adjustable for a perfect fit
Award-winning Ergonomic Design

Price starts from S$189-289