About the Company

Our motto “Positivity always! Progress over Perfection!” is embodied in our brand, classes’ design, and personified by our instructors. We believe that “Being Fit” does not happen overnight, it’s involves us changing our mindset and committing to a continuous journey. All of us can embark on our individual fitness journey by taking the 1st and biggest step across our mindset and commitment hurdle, and as they say – the rest is a piece of cake – one small bite at a time, together. You are not alone – our instructors are committed to work with you to Stay Positive with Steady Progress throughout your journey.

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A minimum of 3 and maximum of 10 clients in a single class
60-min Group Yoga classes: Chakra Yoga, Gentle Flow Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Therapy Yoga
Also offers other wellness classes aside Yoga classes, including Private Classes, Group Pilates, Group Pilates TLC

Price starts from SGD30-360