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Spa Infinity is where time-honoured healing traditions get a dose of modern spa luxury. Our unique complete spa experience comes with unlimited use of the facilities and refreshments at the Private Relaxation Lounge.

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TCM Slimming Therapy: Experience the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine in slimming. This therapy targets specific areas while detoxifying through Meridian channels, resulting in a contoured and revitalized body.
TCM Tummy Trim: Achieve a toned and sculpted midsection with our TCM Tummy Trim treatment, a specialized approach to targeting stubborn abdominal fat.
INDIBA® Slimming: Our INDIBA® technology stimulates collagen production and enhances metabolism, promoting inch loss and a firmer appearance.
3D Cavitation: Harness the advanced 3D Cavitation technology to effectively break down fat cells and cellulite, leaving you with smoother, more refined contours.
3D Fat Freeze: Freeze away unwanted fat cells using 3D Fat Freeze, a non-invasive method for reducing fat in targeted areas, helping you achieve a more streamlined physique.
Pamper yourself with the ample facilities offered by Spa Infinity, including Sauna & Steam Room, Spa Pool, Cafe, Private Lounge.

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