About the Company

SPACE 2B is more than just a wellness studio–we are a dedicated collective of mindfulness mentors who believe in the power of meditation to transform your life and your work from the inside out.
We aspire to transcend traditional barriers to bring the ancient art of meditation to the modern consciousness. Our purpose is to make mindfulness and meditation accessible for everyone, regardless of your cultural background or spiritual orientation.

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Highlight: Sound Healing Meditation
Our SPACE 2B space is available for one-time or recurring events
Also offers private sessions, wellness retreats, and corporate wellness programmes
Yoga classes: Yoga Nidra + Gongs, Kundalini Yoga & Gong Healing, Oxygen Advantage® Breathwork, Instinctive Meditation™, and more
Inspired by the beauty of space and simplicity, and designed with intention, our intimate space incorporates natural materials and sacred geometry to offer a serene retreat from the chaos of city life

Price starts from SGD50-1500