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Established in 2013. We are one of the leading confinement nanny agency in Singapore. Having served over 7000 plus new mothers, we obtained an excellent track recording of providing good quality confinement nannies. Our confinement nannies are the modern nannies who are equipped with an average minimum 3yrs of skills, having taken care of at least 8 infants in a year and undergone our structured training program to become a qualified and competent confinement nanny. All are nannies are in-house trained and all our nannies must pass both their theory and practical exams. As such, they are excellent in doing both traditional confinement practices and modern confinement practices for moms and caring for newborns. Our strict selection of confinement ladies are based on those with good character and attitudes and given the approval by mothers like you, who would gladly employ their services again.

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2 FREE replacements guaranteed
Work Permit and all relevant applications handled by the agency
Nannies prepare daily confinement tonics (TCM) accordingly to weekly confinement dietary condition and tonification
Nanny will be on standby round the clock to help you take care of your little one – including feeding, burping, bathing, changing diapers and caring for newborn. She will also keep daily recordings of the milk feeds
Specialises in providing highly experienced and dedicated confinement nannies, Twin Confinement Nannies, long term and overseas nannies

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