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Starry Homestead Pte Ltd is a one-stop interior design company that offers customised renovation services. We take pride in bringing inspired and intelligent solutions, making us one of Singapore’s most preferred interior design firms. To us, every living space hides a room for beauty and improvement, all that is needed are creative eyes and hands to transform the space into something wonderful.

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A premier, full-service, CaseTrust-RCMA accredited interior design company that offers customised home, workplace and retail interior design & renovation services
Workflow: Meet the ID for an introduction, Confirm the details and get quotation, Select materials and confirm 3D drawings, Site meeting and have defect checks, Renovation begins
A reputable interior design company in Singapore known for creating stunning interior spaces, delivered with sincere care for the customers and a deep understanding of their needs
Services: HDB, condo, landed

Price upon consultation

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