SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy

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At Supernova International Dog Sports Academy, we teach you how to use humane training techniques to train your dog to be a well-behaved, cooperative and confident dog in the society and also the importance of building a good relationship with your dog. Supernova International Dog Sports Academy started off giving private training lessons to dog owners. It is officially registered on 3rd Oct 2008 and has since been giving group & private training classes to dog owners in Singapore. Supernova International Dog Sports Academy is formerly known as AK9 Athletic Academy. The name change in Sept 2010 is to avoid confusion with other training schools and at the same time, gives a clearer vision to our mission.

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Supernova provides a range of dog training services, including courses, online programs, featured training, and specialized training in puppies, obedience, agility, and other sports.
Supernova also offers innovative programs such as the Cooperative Care Program, Train4Me®, Dog Day School, and professional consultation services.
Positive Dog Training Academy employing reward-based training techniques.

Price starts from S$1680-1880