About the Company

Inspired by our instructors and yoga community, Sweatbox Yoga aims to help women, men and children have fun while staying fit through yoga. Our immaculate yoga studios in Singapore features two brightly lit and spacious rooms overlooking the lush greenery of Bukit Timah’s nature, and another space where Central Singapore’s urban landscape can be taken in.

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For pregnant ladies or mothers, there are even classes for kids and pre-natal yoga or post-natal yoga
Yoga workshops offered range from hot classes, to non-hot classes such as Vinyasa and Flow
Enjoy our tailored yoga classes, and have fun experimenting with different yoga styles, to find the best fit. All our yoga studios are stocked with equipment and spaces
Sweatbox Yoga is a premium yoga studio in Singapore that offers more than 20 varieties of yoga classes, aimed at yoga beginners, yoga experts, and even yoga teachers
Sweatbox Yoga’s luxurious studios are also available for rent for corporate yoga retreats, or private yoga sessions
Member's perks: Birthday Month (1 Free Class, 10% Off Class Packages), Referral Program (Get 1 Free Class)

Price starts from SGD160-1300