About the Company

Established in 2011 by Founder and Head Therapist Lily Manissa, Sweetmoms Prenatal and Postnatal Care brings specialised prenatal and postnatal massage therapy to mommies all over Singapore. As a former therapist in Swedish massage that includes slip disc physioterapy, slimming therapy and deep tissue massage, Lily wanted to offer a new level of expertise in massage treatment, particularly for overall women’s health and wellness, specializing in prenatal, postnatal and womb care therapy. Being a certified Certified Therapist in MLD and CST Lily’s combined her love of health and wellness with her passion for massage and created a team that can help you achieve better health and support you before, during and after giving birth.

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Offers Prenatal and Postnatal Massages with a wide range of package selections, including Slimming Postnatal Package, Exclusive Postnatal Package, Pre Natal Treatment, Lactation Treatment, and many others
Benefit highlights: Anxiety & Stress Reduction, Muscles & Joint Pains Relieve, Signature Slimming Postnatal Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Offer home services and customisable packages

Price starts from S$78-1598

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