About the Company

We are a team of dedicated swim and dive coaches that believe swimming can change lives. To us, every student is an individual and lessons are crafted to individual learning abilities and needs. We believe that swimming lessons should be accessible, convenient, fulfilling and fun. Whether you aim to be the next Olympic champion or want to learn to swim as a life skill, let us be a part of your swimming journey.
See you at the pool!

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Swimming classes: Babies Swimming Lessons, Toddlers Swimming Lessons, Kids Swimming Lessons, Adults Swimming Lessons, Ladies Swimming Lessons
Offers Customised Class.
Whether you prefer a private individual lesson, or one with new friends in a group, we will ensure that our swim lessons are always as accessible and convenient as they can be. Our classes are held at several Public Swimming Pools and Residential Swimming Pools accross Singapore.

Price starts from S$120-750