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Taste for Life has re-conceptualised the Eastern tradition of Confinement diet to suit today’s modern lifestyles and demand of mothers and their newborns. Adhering to the concept of natural ingredients and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from the origin, we have systemised a 30-Day DIY Confinement Diet Regimen with our range of Exclusive Concentrated Soups. Make use of this one opportunity to recover from the rigours of pregnancy, childbirth and to regain your physical strength and health to pre-natal stage in the shortest possible time!

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Taste for Life offers a re-conceptualised version of the Eastern tradition of confinement diet. Our meals are designed to suit modern lifestyles and meet the demands of mothers and their newborns.
Offers 3 Stage Confinement Meal Plan, 3 Stage Confinement Soup Base Only, and Confinement Beverages
The 30-day confinement meal plan is split into 3 stages of 10 days to optimise recovery which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner consisting of 90 Packets (200g) x Concentrated Soup Base, 90 Packets (150g) x Herbal Drinks, 90 Packets (200g) x Postpartum Beneficial Water
We use natural ingredients and adhere to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) principles.

Price starts from S$660-1680