About the Company

The Etiquette Alliance International, Asia Pacific, offers comprehensive and transformative training led by a team of trusted and passionate trainers. With a focus on etiquette, diplomacy, and protocol standards, we empower individuals to navigate delicate situations and manage official and unofficial occasions respectfully. Our proven track record spans two decades and over 500,000 engaged audiences. Whether through workshops at our TEAI Studio, your venue, or on-site, we instill the art of diplomacy, enabling you to create a positive corporate culture and enhance stakeholder relations. Join us in embarking on a journey of excellence and meaningful change.

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Trusted Holistic Training: Recognized as a reliable and comprehensive training provider across Singapore, Asia, and the Pacific region.
Personalized Coaching: Offering VIP coaching and smaller group coaching for tailored programs to suit individual needs.
Corporate Image & Grooming: Providing a range of professional grooming standards and dress codes, from business formal to casual, for various executive levels.
Professional Stylist: Learning makeup, skincare, and grooming standards for both personal and professional image enhancement.
Deportment Mastery: Teaching essential personal dispositions, from posture and gestures to sitting, standing, and walking confidently in various settings.
Etiquette & Protocol: Mastering workplace etiquette and established protocol skills for effective leadership presence.
Social & Dining Skills: Enhancing social success with hosting, entertaining, and dining skills for various functions and events.
Certified Training: High-quality Train-the-Trainer certification program catering to market demands, enriching participants' competency.
Event Management: Expertise in professional event management, offering one-stop solutions related to training programs, corporate team building, retreats, and conferences.
Character Building Curriculum: Bringing character-building curriculum focused on social grace, self-confidence, and respect to schools, targeting millennials.
Convenient Appointments: Flexible working hours by appointment, accommodating busy schedules.

Price starts from S$210-1066