About the Company

Ranging from hamster to rabbit, our doors are open to shower them with love, patience and fun, providing them a homely space away from home. Grooming services are available while your fluffy buddies are with us! Boarding services starting from as low as $15 per night, with 24/7 air con & online viewing at your own convenience, you no longer need to think and wait for updates for your fluffy ones.

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24/7 air conditioning
We provide pee tray, water bottle / bowl, hay rack
We also offer grooming services for your fluf balls
CCTV access and Online viewing for convenience and peace of mind
Our boarding services extend to small animals, including chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits
We provide oxbow pellets (once a day) & timothy hay (unlimited). Xiao Bai Cai / Capsicums are provided once a day (Upon request)

Price starts from SGD15