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Discover the natural wonders of the Southern Ridges, a scenic trail that connects Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park, and Labrador Nature Reserve. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, families, and nature lovers, this 10 km stretch offers breathtaking views, historical significance, and diverse flora and fauna. Don’t miss the iconic Henderson Waves, the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, and explore the Forest Walk and Canopy Walk for an immersive experience in the lush greenery. With its serene ambiance and captivating landscapes, the Southern Ridges is the perfect escape from the city and an opportunity to appreciate Singapore’s natural beauty.

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Explore the Southern Ridges and enjoy a pet-friendly hike amidst the serene natural surroundings, perfect for adventurous pet owners.
With 10 km of green spaces and scenic trails, it's an ideal destination for pet owners who love walking and exploring the great outdoors.
Don't miss the iconic Henderson Waves, the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, offering a unique and memorable experience for pet owners and their furry companions.
Enjoy the Forest Walk and Canopy Walk, where you can observe birds and encounter a rich variety of plant life, making it a captivating experience for nature-loving pet owners.
Take a break from city life and explore the Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk, home to abundant flora and fauna, providing a tranquil and rejuvenating escape for pets and their owners.

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