About the Company

Tineco is a leading provider of innovative and intelligent home appliances, specializing in smart wet-dry vacuums, wet-dry vacuums, vacuum cleaners, and carpet cleaners. With a focus on making household chores easier and more efficient, Tineco’s products are designed with intelligent technology to enhance user experience. The company has received prestigious awards such as the CES 2020 Innovation Awards and recognition from Trusted Reviews for its best smart cordless vacuum. Tineco continues to grow its global sales and is trusted by thousands of families worldwide for its quality and performance.

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OmniHub Clean Station for self-cleaning, charging, detecting, and storing
Powerful suction up to 60 Airwatts
Full path self-cleaning mechanism
iLoop™ smart sensor technology for optimized performance
ZeroTangle technology to prevent tangling
Tineco PureCyclone Tech for capturing 99.99% of dust and debris
Advanced HEPA filtration system
Cordless convenience for easy maneuverability
Lightweight design for comfortable use
LED headlights for better visibility
Smart App integration for enhanced control
Voice Prompt feature for user-friendly operation
Versatile cleaning on various floor types
Quick charging in 4 ~ 5 hours
Long battery life with 4000mAh capacity
Low noise level for quiet operation

Price starts from S$369-1599