Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre

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Established since 2000, Traditional & Holistic Post-Natal Centre is specialized in Jamu Post-Natal Massage & Engorgement Breast Massage. Serving thousands of clients for the past years, our company supports and provide mothers during their motherhood journey through the benefits of Jamu Post-Natal Massage such as increase blood circulations, de- stressing, relaxation and expelling wind from their body. We do provide engorgement breast massage that will helps to relieve blockduct and engorgement issues throughout their breastfeeding journey.

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Services: Hot Stone Compress, Tapel, Pilis, Baby Massage, Breastfeeding Compression, Traditional Binding, and Signature Lactation Breast Massage
Offers a comprehensive packages, including classical package, royale package, platinum package, premium package, diamond package, sapphire package
Packages inclusive of complimentary Choice of belly wrap or bengkung binder and Baby Telon Oil

Price starts from S$150-1900